My Prince

Love is your strength, and your flaw.
Sketches on the wall you always draw,
Of you and me together at night,
Hiding the true intention of our love's right.
The kisses and embraces only last a moment,
For when the sun goes down our hearts are in torment.
Laying in my bed that was once filled with love,
Is empty leaving me staring at the stars above.
Oh how you love the stars and the stories they tell,
But my eyes show your favorite, of how I fell.
Fell in love in love with you, and you with me.
That intention, real, will it eventually be.
With not two beds but one,
Filled with love that cannot be undone.
I love you my dear, sweet prince,
And I shall be waiting for our next kiss.
I hope you sleep well tonight for I cannot,
Laying here with my stomach in knots.
Waiting for the next day you come around,
I shall be here writing my thoughts down,
Waiting for the next day you come around.
Ladythugglet Ladythugglet
18-21, F
May 31, 2012