Our Story.

I met my boyfriend before one year at our high school.He said that it was love with first sight but i couldn't believe so i refused his question 'Can you be my girlfriend' because i didn't want to get hurt from love again and again. He 'chased me' for almost 6 months , when we were at a camping that our school organizated , we were at the beach and the pupils started to splashhh the water at each other and suddenly the rain started. We were standing close to each - other and then he looked me in the eye , took my hand and said ' I love you ' well this wasn't the first time he said that thing to me because another time when he was drunk he called me and started to yell I love you . I liked him so much and one i day i took the desicion to make him part of my life and since that day I always thank God for gaving me the best boyfriend that can exist :) I don't  need to watch anymore romantic movies because I am experiencing it in my real life :)
Ichtaxa Ichtaxa
Sep 10, 2012