He Is the One

We have been together about 8 months now. We have been working in the same place for two summers, but nothing happened before I found him having the same hobby I was starting. On my side, that was kinda instant crush.
I was still with my ex, but that thing had died a long time ago, just didn't realize that. But after I finally broke up with him, and took an initiative with this new guy. I put a small haiku in his pocket, and after that asked him for a "coffee". After couple of days I confessed I did put that thing in his pocket. He said, that let's see, if there is any chemistry and so on. ( I knew there was.)
First the thing seemed not to go anywhere, but then, after the first kiss there was no turning back... I love him. Before I had no idea, what a love could be.
And this is the first time I tell anybody how it got started.
Mocha81 Mocha81
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1 Response May 8, 2007

awww thats kinda the same as me. I had a crap boyfriend, and it took me a while to see how rubbish our relationship was so that i could dump him, and be with this amazing guy that i love now.