He's My Best Friend I....... Love Him

Karter Jamie welch. That's him. He is my diabetic best friend boyfriend. I've known since 3rd grade. Met him at summer camp and he was my first kiss. We don't go to the same school but I we hang out after. He likes to skate , ALOT! He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and red braces and pale white skin. And sometimes you can hear a country accent. His looks are very nice he could probably get any girl he wants. But he is a jerk to people. Like major jerk ( and pervy! So gross xD ) why girls don't like him.
Me,karter and his cousin Ali were at a soccer game and Ali had a huge zit on here head and was trying so hard to cover it . Karter turned around and said " Ali you didn't tell me you have 2 heads," and he gets in trouble a lot of trouble he got suspended from school a month ago for screaming and throwing an apple across the lunch room. I asked why he did that He said " I was really bored."
He is really pervy it's super gross but funny. He always spanks my butt and pinches my sides and pulls on my bra strap . He also says gross things like " hey baby wats south virginia look like " ( sooooo stupid xD )
He is really over protective too. I hugged my friend ( also his friend) Nathan and now we don't talk to Nathan just because I hugged him. Oh karter really hurt nathans poor face He has a 18 year old sister Kelly who hates me and his 16 year old brother Kyle even more pervyand his little 8 year old half sister kristi who is so little (I love how they all have k's) His sister Kelly takes him to all his doctors appointments and pays for his medication cause his mom Does drugs and is never around. So he stays at my house or his best friend matts house. And karter likes to cuss a lot . He is going through a rough time I love him he under stands me and call me when I wake up ant before I go to sleep. He hugs me from behind and his hands get sweaty when we hold hands . My nick name for him is chia pet ( long story). I love you karter!
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13-15, F
Nov 26, 2012