So last night it had been a while since I had felt like everything was going well. Even though as soon as I got home my parents tried to accuse me that im not a virgin anymore. But before I walked in to that house things were good. My boyfriend took me to get white chocolate kit kats, which are my absolute favorite. We were happy to be in eachothers presence. Nothing negative was flooding my mind. He was also making me laugh....too much :/
It started to hurt, and to top it off he cracked a joke that got to me soooo bad, and coincidentally, I was passing by my ex boyfriend right when this happened. He looked so stupid with his new haircut, it made me laugh even more. And then
I peed myself.
Im so glad he didnt see that. I had already entered my mobile home park. I dont think ive ever laughed so hard before. My boyfriend laughed even more as he realized I was peeing myself. But he wasnt grossed out or anything. Hes done it so many times before too. I realized then that this is the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. He was my best friend, someone I can vent out too and hes always there to listen. I didnt want to leave him. But I obviously had to go back in to my house and change. Im going to miss him until the next time I see him. And as I walked in the door my dad saw my pants and thought we were having sex and he "came" all over me. Its funny how everything can turn around and go to s*** all over again.
Dollywally Dollywally
18-21, F
Dec 2, 2012