My Romantic Stalion

I've met him in high school, we were 14. He was quiet, anti social and friendly once you get to know him.
It's the kind of guy i liked to have sex with and so i gave him blow jobs in the school toilet for a few days and one weekend i took him home and take his virginity.
He was my friend and my **** buddy and i trained him over the years to be a real "sex machine" no matter how exaggerated it sounds, he is a real stalion and is the only one who can truly please me these days.

He loved me, despite i am a prostitute, ******* every guy i see. I never understand why and i still don't quite know, but he was fine with it. He loved me, we we're best friends and he only wanted to have me in his life.

We moved together few months ago, as friends, manly to have sex more easy and often and now i started to love him more and more.

I've accepted years ago that my sex addiction and career as a prostitute will ruin me in some ways. Is my only source of money and i will probably die alone as nobody wants a hooker as a partner...but he wants me and i love him for that very very much :X
irinacrystal irinacrystal
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thats beautiful