First Real Love?

He started as my bestfriend. Then I realized I saw him as something more. I really cared about him and only wanted to be near him and see that smile. Then I wanted him to know. Now, we are together! He's so sweet to me, a perfect gentleman. Compliments me, doesn't look at me like I'm food. He looks at me with love, he wants to see me smile. He felt sick one day but still went to school the next day, just so he was able to see me face :). He's seen me on my worst days and is still here. One day when ever he saw me I looked misserable. The next time he saw me he passed me his tablet which had a note on it. It was a paragraph sayin that it doesnt hurt to smile and I had a beautiful smile and he missed seeing the smile he loved almost as much as he loved me. I wanted to cry and hug him. Is it not love to feel this happy just by the thought of him. Is it not love to want to cry when you see him hurting. Feeling like the safest place on earth is in his arms? Wanting to fall asleep in those arms? That's how I feel about him. Blushing for 20 minutes off a kiss on the cheek? That's what happened to me. Oh gosh....guys I think I'm in love :) <3
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

This is definitely what has happened to me. Me and my boyfriend to this day are in love. Have been for almost 3 months. ♡

This must be the best feeling in the world !!

You have no idea. He was my best friend as well and still is. He doesn't get my sarcasm still, but he's working on it. ;)