Amazing Things To Do With/for Your Boyfriend

My longest relationship with a guy, who is my biggest love too, made me put my crafty and romantic nature into our love routine. I just wanna share with you somr things i do with or for my boyfriend, and if you like them, you can do them too!

1. Easy desserts
My boyfriend and I LOVE chocolate. So i made a nice oreo cake, put it in the fridge, and asked him to bring me a cold glass of water when he came to my place. His reaction was the best and he still asks for the same cake.

2. Write old school letters
Every now and then, my boyfriend and I trade letters. Just pick some pretty envelops, a tidy piece of paper and write your feeling, your plans, even naughty things (they love these too!) To make the envelop look super romantic, buy sealing wax and a stamp. It's a little bit expensive but it's worth it! Your boyfriend will get amazed.

3. Prepare a bath for too
A perfect thing to do with your boyfriend is of course have a bath together. I usually pick a shower gel with a sweet smell (like chocolate or cookies-he will want to eat you!) and make a lot of foam too. You can even put petals floating in the water or experiment with different smells - so many things you can do! Candlefire is very important too. Water and wet skin looks just magical under the candles!

4. Make movie programs
For film-aholics and couples who enjoy cosy nights at home when it's too cold to go outside, this is a great idea. You can choose movie themes; Romance, anime, war etc. Me and my boyfriend love aliens and space, so we just googled the best movies and created a list with about 20 titles. To make it better, watch them from the oldest to the newest! Make something to eat too.

These are 4 of the millions of things I do with my boyfriend daily. Please comment below, and if you would like more ideas, just let me know!
Good luck and have fun!
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3 Responses Jan 13, 2013

well thats good thing to do thats why sometimes parents is really strict because if his daughter suddenly get pregnant and the bf run away it would kill him knowinh his daughter is dump and makes any parents sad,but being with special someone is really cool so always be alert and be safe to prevent teen pregnancy...

you are a wonderful gf!

Lots of things both can enjoy together ::
a)Go biking together on a single bike you on the front ,chatting .
b)Walk together to woods to sit on the green grass afternoons- evening.
c)Chocolate creamfudge ,share the same pipe between both .
d)Deck him/her with rose petals from the head ...
e)Memorise jokes and trade/exchange to him whole evening ...