The Day I Spent With Him

This day, I'm very happy and thankful because I had the chance to see him before he leaves for Cebu (he's gonna' spent his Christmas vacation there).

Even though I had a slight fever at that time, I spent the day with Him, because that would make me happy and Him as well. It's raining but we we're still having fun going from shop to shop and then we bought a baby dress for his niece (it's our birthday gift for her) at Metro Surigao. Then we went to UniCity and later to the Pier.

It was sad, but I didn't cry, I'm not sure why I can't cry even though I'm feeling sad at that time, maybe because I know that he doesn't want to see me cry (or make sad expressions).

We talk, laugh, took pictures, lay down on each others lap (first him then me) and later say goodbye's to each other.

Then he said to me that he would really miss me so much and tells me to not worry for he will definitely come back and won't do foolish things while his in Cebu.

Then we ate dinner together and before I left, we kissed each other and hugged each tightly.

As i was riding on a multicab, we wave each other goodbye and when he was out from my sight, tears started to fall from my eyes. It kept falling, like it was telling me that i already miss him so much. .

We texted each other, and i told him that i was crying. He felt sad when i told him this and said to me to stop crying for he will come back soon. And also i shouldn't cry because we spent the day together and had fun together. He also told me that he cried when i was laying on his lap, i just didn't notice it.

After i got home, my fever started to rise higher. But before I sleep and take a rest, i called him, to check up what he's doing. He told me his inside the ship and soon it will be leaving.

I still feel sad but try to cheer up, we talked and then said goodnight to each other and exchange I love you's. . :)

That's why I love my Boyfriend, he knows how to make me happy when I'm sad. And he knows how to make the day that we spent together a special and memorable one.
- That I'll always treasure. ^_^
youni04 youni04
18-21, F
Jan 19, 2013