Make You Happy

So my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight last night and i'm pretty sure he almost broke up with me. It was because I didn't go to an event with him and I promised I would. I felt really sick and had horrible cramps, worried it would ruin the night so I cancelled. Being male however, he doesn't understand how painful cramps can actually be, causing us to get into an argument and yelling over the phone about how disappointed he was in me, and me yelling how he doesn't know what it's like and doesnt understand my pain etc etc.. I felt horrible for disappointing him, but was upset that he was getting so upset. He hungup, and wouldn't answer my calls so i gave up. About an hour later, i got a call from him and was hesitant, but answered. He was calm and back to his usual self. He apologized and asked me how I was. I was very quiet and cold. I told him I was confused and didn't know what he wanted anymore. His response? "What do you mean, what do I want? I just want to make you happy. I love you and want you and that's all I ever want". He is just too sweet and too good to me. We talked it out and spent the next hour talking about how happy we are to be together and all the things we've helped each other accomplish already, even though the relationship is still fairly new. I love him, and don't know what I would ever do without having him to talk to and make me laugh. So ladies, just remember that there are good guys out there, and don't give up too soon once you've finally found one. :) -littlemissstaystrong
littlemissstaystrong littlemissstaystrong
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013