How I Met My Amazing Boyfriend

Now how we met isn't the best and i would say sorry but im happy with him so i'm not really sorry.

So i came home from school one day and i always go to my room when i come home but that day i got board and i came out to see my sister and there she was on oovoo talking to a tall slender body and completely handsome young man with dark haired a brownish black hair that falls into place almost every time except when he wakes up with bed head lol, glasses around greenish brown eyes, flawless skin, and a beautiful smiles that is award winning. He was her boyfriend at the time and i thought it would be good if i talked to him some so that i got to know this guy that is a few days away. silly her gave him our address i got so mad thinking how stupid that is he could be a creep. So i talked to him and i said i would shoot him if he came to hurt or find her but of cores i could never have really done it.

A few days later i come out of my room. he and her are on oovoo again but this time when i went out to fix food and there he was on came his big fat **** out i had walked in to a bad situation but all i could do was stare not saying a word then i yelled at my sis for allowing him to do that and then scream texted him sad thing is i was soaked wile all this was happening its bad i know but i was. his hot body i was memorizing then him and i started talking more and then he broke up with my sister cuz she was cheating and i had fallen hard for him i was on a cloud and now we are still together a year almost two later and he asked me to marry him i said yes i love him so so so much.

as for my sister she has been dating a cheating ever since and she just got cheated on bye a guy she really likes i don't feel bad carmas a *****
harddragon harddragon
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013