He Understands Me!!!!

He is my very own, real life angel.  My very best-est friend. When a terrible accident should have claimed his life, God saved him, and no one could ever convince me that it happened for any other reason than for him to come save me.

 He may not always understand my thought process, (seriously doubting that anyone could ever do that!) but when he looks in my eyes, or strokes his fingers through my hair, he joins my soul. He'll open his mouth, and I hear what before, had only been thoughts. He speaks of my darkest fears, and my brightest dreams.

 He makes me beautiful.  I see myself through his eyes.. I am awed at what we see. I am strong, loving, and so much more than capable.  I'm so thankful and grateful that he's not only made me feel these things, but that with his faith I can see these traits for myself.

   I love him for all of those reasons, and a million more....

.. the way he just snuck up behind me and kissed my neck.

....how he worries about us.

.....the way he got me to wear socks.

...his fine ***!!

...the way he lets me sleep.

....his artistic touch.

...his loyalty.

.....his honesty.

.... He's my hero.

.....He's my everything.


     There's no sense in thinking my words could ever convey to you,  the man that i know him to be. I'm starting to understand that I've found my "Rhett Butler"  A man who loves me with so much passion, and won't take any bull #*@! from me.


  Robert A. Jasinski~ I want to spend my life making you feel and know the depth of my love and respect for you.  I promise you that no matter where you are or what you're doing, there's no one in the world more loved than you.



PS Oh Yeah, I absolutely with all my heart LOVE YOUR ANKLES!!!

RobsRose RobsRose
31-35, F
May 26, 2007