My Babe

Well I just met my boyfriend in about last year and we started to get serious how about our relationship and even though he s problems in his life and I have problems in my life we both love each other and he told me he was going to wait for me when I get out of skool and u know I said to myself that I will the rest of my life with him hey you know he was the 1 he was the 1 I was gonna love careful that's my baby just like he told me he would die for me and even though he lost people into time to time and even know I lost people he was always there he always tells me keep my head up don't let nobody bring it down this is my story I love you baby Michael cage my love story about my boyfriend
davionnes123 davionnes123
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 10, 2013

That so sweet! Best wishes to you both:)