Our Story

I was in eighth grade and you were in ninth. The first time I saw there was something inside me that changed. I knew I had to have you. And I knew you would be mine someday. I didn't know when but I knew there was something about you that intrigued me. I watched you from a distance with my friends as you goofed with yours. God you were so cute, even with those nerdy glasses :P I didn't know your name. So we called you shady boy. One day my friend told you that I liked you but I said no I didn't. But you still looked at me from time to time. We often spoke, even kind of flirted. But one day I found out you were dating one of my friends. I was devastated and I decided to move on. Time went by and I forgot you. About a year later I started dating your friend. It lasted about a week and then I got your number. We talked and texted all night for about a week. It was then that you crept back into my heart. It was december 23 2009 and I worked up the guts to tell you how I felt. I told you and you asked me if I wanted to go out. Of course I said yes. And here we are three years later and your sleeping in my bed snoring next to me. And all I can do is smile. I love you brandon...or should I say shady boy ;)
sillybitch44 sillybitch44
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2013