He Means the World to Me!

We're still young i know, but my bf and i have been going out for about 14 months and we are completely in love with each other. I can't imagine life without him. Has anyone else felt like you would really just not be able to go on without someone? Its an amazing feeling, but a little bit hard to understand. What makes him so special and so meaningful to me? I dont even really know, except that he is great to me, and we love each other.
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8 Responses Jun 5, 2007

I feel exactly the same way.. and i would miss him so much when we're not together. just like now!

enjoy it, i miss that...... reminds me of a good past experience :-)

Awww its the same way with me and my boyfriend. We have been dating for two years and living together for 21 months. He recently went on a business trip for four days and I instantly became depressed and lonely, long story short it was one of the worst feelings that i had ever delt with...

Arww, i enjoyed reading that :], andd i no what u mean i been with my boyfriend neally three years; and i feel the same was u doo towards ur boyfriend i love him so muchh and woodnt live without him :], but keep going strong love'ss x

That is just adorable....I feel the same way. Such a good feeling to be loved by someone =)

aww bless you :) i've been going out with mine 21 months but i know exactly how you feel. just the other day i was thinking about what the hell i used to do with my time before we started going out. i really cant remember! good luck to you both!

thats great thats like me nd my hubby

That love!