I have the sweetest boyfriend in the world... for christmas he had to go to uganda to visit his family, so i wouldnt get to spend any time with him. so he made me eleven paper roses, each with a note attached to it, one to open every night until christmas day, with a certain time and place i was supposed to open it. inside were little reasons he loves me, one even had a silly poem he had written for me... :) and then at that time he would call me on the phone, just so we could talk every night and hear each other's voices. :) i think im in love

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6 Responses Jan 4, 2007

omg that is seriously sweet, <br />
yous sound like a perfect match

Wow! That is breath takingly beautiful. What a wonderful person. sounds like a good match. he comes up with that! and you appreciate it immensely! nice....

Thas so sweet :)

AaH! He's definately a keeper

that's so sweet! :)

What a sweet thing to do! He sounds very romantic.