I dont care how cheesy and old-fashioned it sounds, but he brought me flowers :) And I MELTED. He told me he was bringing me a present, but I didnt expect something so sweet. Before, it was just cigarettes or something, ha. But at that moment my heart completely went to HIM. Ive never had someone treat me so well, and do everything I ask of him :) Even simple things, like getting up to get something to drink. Or, when I was VERY sick with tonsilitis, he stayed the weekend with me, took care of me, got my medicine, fixed my food :) Boyfriends that Ive had in the past would have went out and partied/hung with their friends/etc. instead of staying with a sick girlfriend. But not my Gam :) I love him so much, it's ridiculous.
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Jul 23, 2007