I Love My Boyfriend Soo Much

I have been with him off and on for 7 years now, this time we have made it past the three year mark and we are going stronger than ever.  I lost him about five years ago because he moved up to NC to live with his family.  His mother had a late life baby and he never had any siblings before so he wanted to be a big part of his sisters life.  I thought that I would never see him again because he broke it off when he moved, he said that he did not want to have a long-distance relationship.  We did not even talk for about a year and a half and then one day out of the blue I got an instant message from him online.  He said that he missed me and he wanted me to move up here with him!  I got a plane ticket and left everything behind.  I took three suitcases and left all of my other belongings behind and I was here within a week!  My life has been absolutely wonderful with him and I could not ask for more, he has really helped me become the woman that I wanted to be.  I have learned so much from him and he will always be by my side forever.  It is such a great feeling to know that you are with your soul mate and nothing can break you away from them.  I know that he is faithful and I trust him 100 percent, I know that I will never have to worry about him cheating on me and that is a wonderful feeling.  I feel so perfect when I am in his arms and when we kiss it is the best feeling in the world!  I could go on and on forever but I will end with this.  If you love something and you let it go, when it comes back to you then it was always yours, I think that is how it goes or something similar to that.

ciao,  Mandy

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Yes yes! I believe so too... Love means to let go. If it comes back to you, then it's yours to keep forever!