I Love My Boyfriend Part 2

I forgot to say before that the time that we were apart for that year and a half I actually got married to someone else!  I did not really love him and I was still wishing that it was Eric.  I got married to him very quickly and it was a huge mistake because he was not the person I was supposed to be married to.  I remember the day of the wedding I got very sick and I was standing in my dress at the front of the church and my nose was running, my eyes were watering and I had lost my voice overnight!  I was fine the day before but all of the sudden I got sick for the wedding.  I knew that was a sign and I wanted to leave so bad!  I was afraid though because there were so many people there and my dad had spent so much money on the wedding.  There were even family members that had flew in and stayed at a hotel from new york and I didn't want to let everyone down and cause a scene but I wanted to leave so bad!  I knew he was not the right one for me.  Anyways I stayed married to him for seven months and then I decided to leave him and I was online looking for an apartment to move into and that is when I got the instant message from Eric!  He knew about the marriage and he asked me how it was going and I said well, actually I am leaving my husband and I am looking for an apartment right now.  That is when he typed those words that I will never forget and I could hardly believe!  He said why don't you just come and live with me!  I did not believe that he was serious because he is a big joker and he is always playing jokes on people.  I thought that he was messing with my head but I bought the ticket anyways scared to death that I would get off the plane and nobody would be there to meet me!  It worked out great and we got to spend our first week together watching fireworks because It was the fourth of july.  Happy anniversary!!!!  I am still not divorced yet and my soon to be ex husband still does not know what happened to me but I am sure he figured it out.  What is meant to be will be!.........and what is not meant to be will not be........ciao, mandy
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well it will happens to anyone and anytime.. i can only say gud luck in whatever ur decision..the decision to be happy is really our choices right?hehe