Hi, I'm Aaron. I found this website while wandering slowly across the internet, searching for random stuff. Then I joined, and found a bunch of supportive people who are also gay, like me. I have been searching for a boyfriend, and remained optimistic, but deep down I knew these boys weren't for me, but nevertheless great friends. So I was about to give up and somehow make myself straight, when I met Michael. He is so sweet and awesome. It was like he was to good to be true. Anyway, I went for it and we messaged, quickly finding out we had a lot in common. Eventually, he said he wanted to ask me something, and I eagerly messaged back. He teased me for a while, saying he had changed his mind. But I wore him down, and eventually he asked me to be his boyfriend. I was thrilled. I tapped Y-E-S in capital letters, and he messaged back, also thrilled. So we are dating now, and I love him to pieces. We even both speak Spanish, so remember; Te amo Michael mi novio!!!
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i dont no y i keep forgit wat i want sae win i talk to u and i git relee excited :) i luv u so so much i just want hold u and eevin kis u

Me too. Talking to u makes me ineffably happy

Okay Aaron, that is my little brother. So you be nice to him.(: Lol

Don't worry I will. I was trying to message you, but it wouldn't let me. Anyway we're good Man.

Wait can I call you that?

Haha just call me Alyx. And ill add you

Thanks Alex.

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how kewl 4 u Aaron!

Thanks andy

ur welcome buddy...gld u found Michael

Yup thanks. You're a great supporter

of course...always gd whn other gay boys get 2gether!

Totally. Tell Zane I said hello to please and to keep being awesome

lol...he says "hello" back!


its easier 2 tlk by message...if u wnt

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te amo mucho más que cualquier otra cosa novio con todo mi corazón

Mikey ti amo a

soy tan feliz te amo tanto que no puedo dejar de pensar en ti ahora mismo novio TE QUIERO MUCHO MUCHO <3 xoooooooooxooooooooxoo