He came home from working away for a short while and he always makes me so happy the moment he's back. We usually make love straight away and it's always so nice to feel that he's missed me that much that he can't wait to be naked with me again! I'm a lucky girl. I thought these feelings were supposed to die off after a year or so of being together? lol They always did previously with ex-bf's, but we're nearing 10 years together now and it's still the same way it was when we first got together. Yay!!!!!
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2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

You are lucky - enjoy it!

Ahhhhh, how sweet!

Thanks, like I said, I feel lucky when I know how many people there are in unhappy situations :(

Yeah it's sad all right! I think for so many people, me included in some respects, you keep going with something or someone because you hope things will improve, but they never seem to. So naturally you end up turning to others for support.