We fight. We take breaks. We love and hate each other. But we always come back. These past couple days have been the worst as much as my head wants me to let him go my heart doesn't want to. He said he doesn't know what love is yet. It's cute how he doesn't know how he's been feeling it all this time. when you unblocked me cause of that feeling, it was love. It is love. You just don't know it. I know what love is. And I'm pretty sure you do to. I'll admit it. I can be an Immature brat. But no matter what. Whenever I try to leave you I can't. I'm not alright without you. Although I can't change who I am most of the time or how I act I can tell you this. Pablo I love you and I want to spend forever with you I know we are Young and we fight. Sometimes very childish. But I know that the love in my heart will always bring me back to you. So your stuck with me ... Sorry... I don't know if you feel the exact same way but damn I sure hope you do. I would take a bullet for you. I would be so hurt without you. I can't even go a day without your I love yous. I can't sleep at night knowing I'm not yours. It feels so empty you're a part of me and this is freaking long. And I know you don't think this and I bring you down about it all the time but the truth is You're perfect. I know there is no perfect. But to me you are the ******* closest thing to it. We have NOTHING in common. Maybe that's why we fight a lot about the most stupid stuff (; okay this is going on way to long it's starting to sound like a wedding vow. Straight to the point I love you forever. Through sickness and in health. For rich or for poorer. Till death do us part. I am in love with you. And I know that love is just a shout into the void ... And oblivion is inevitable and I am in love with you. Okay? <3 okay. Forever and always. Stay perfect (;
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Love you