Gotta Love Him

I have had the same boyfriend for sooo many years. Ever since middle school. And i've known him and we've been friends since third grade. He has always been nice to me even during puberty when I was moody right before I started my period. He never lies. He hasn't cheated on me. Even though we are in an intimate relationship I still feel like I can be who I am and express myself and not have to wear make-up and constantly look hot just for him. I can still have fun and just be goofy with him, hang-out, laugh, and have a good time. We still play board games, watch t.v., and have slumber parties like I used to with the girls when we were younger. He is a blast to hang with and be around and he can turn any situation into something better and turn that frown upside down. He is one heck of a guy. I LOVE him and want to marry him some day, but I am not rushing into anything because I don't care when we get married- today or five years down the road as long as he is mine, I couldn't be happier !!!!!
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2 Responses Aug 20, 2007

With time, everything changes. If a pretty little sexy **** ask the bf to marry, your fun is over. Please do not be naive that your relationship will last forever, but rather make it grow stronger.

wow. I love my boyfriend too. I feel the exact same way.