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I Love Him With All My Heart

My boyfriend is so kind, caring and loving  to me. He is a very positive influence In my life he makes me get off my bum and do the things I dont want to for the better. I have never loved anybody except for my kids as much as I love him. He takes care of me my front teeth where damaged badly to where I needed them crowned and he helped me pay for it. It cost a grip we put 4,000 into this fancy dentist office but I got my teeth fixed. It was important to him for me to keep my beautiful  smile. He is there for me he is my rock . I admit lately I've been giving him hell on wheels and I feel bad about it but i have my reasons that i am not going to mention. I feel like I am pushing this wonderful man away I have to stop this. Its just that I keep dwelling On problems that we have. I need to find some kind of clarity here  all this dwelling is causing me serious emotional pain It feels like my heart is being ripped out and stomped on.  If anyone has advice please leave a response hope you all are having a great Valentines day!!!!!!  

Anasela Anasela 22-25, F 4 Responses Feb 14, 2010

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More power to you!

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that was a long time ago are you okay today ! hope so . you have a beautiful smile and very nic picture of you .:-)

You sound awesome! Would you consider adding me, would love to chat?

i think a person who truly loves another would stand by that person and not run away or avoid trying to talking about problems. A person that loves you only when you're miss sun shine and happy doesn't really care about you .

i believe people who really care about each other should be able to be honest with each other and talk things through. I may be idealistic but that's what i truly believe

I have sort of been in a similar situation and i know how that feels