You're Everythinq I Wanted And More

i love my boyfriend wf everything that i am and have. hes always here for me wen i need him, hes never afraid to express his true feeling wen im down hes alway the one i turn to hes the on ethat care and da does mind takin time out of his day to make sure that im okaii. we both sacrafice so much for each other, hes always willin to take our relationship to the next level in a god way meaning hes always willing to find a way to make it more interesting and better. i love this boy with all my heart and deres nothin i would'nt do for him. we both understand each other we both no what we want in life and i decided that this is my fist and last love cuz to mii hes the one.


I Love You Baby 

hottriniscorpio hottriniscorpio
18-21, F
Feb 25, 2010