Different Size Breast Forms

I like to wear different size breast forms to help fill out my bras. Some times a small form is right for a top but oher occasions require a large or extra large breast form. When you get up in the morning you decide what am I wearing today and select a bra with breast forms to fill it out.
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Part of the fun of exploration. I have ordered some bras & shapers in a 50 C as well as some forms from herroom. I do have some (man-boobs) so that why I ordered the forms as opposed to a set of DD cans from Glamour Boutique. I will see how they fit when they arrive and decide from there. A girl can surf for ever picking up all kinds of wisdom, that Momma never told me! Thanks. (new name coming) Applefreak

Let us know how your new forms work out for you.

where do you get your breast forms from

Hi Georgia,

I have bought breast forms from Lady Grace, from ebay and from several internet sites.

ok i am a 38d and need smaller cup size like you for different tops and dresses . i do like wearing dresses better than skirts now x

Hi Georgia, I love to wear dresses too and prefer t
hem over skirts.