Putting On My Bra

when i first started wearing my wifes bra i tried putting socks in the cups .this didnt give the feel of real breasts so after trying other things i started to work part time for a mistress that ran a business for helping cds in my area.i became her maid and worked for barter and eventaully bought three sets of breast forms .i wear them to this day and i just loce putting on my bra in the morning and inserting them into the cups.this always makes me feel so feminine and i try to wear them all day.and when i take them out they are still warm from my body heat. wow. phylisanne

phylisanne phylisanne
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Yours is a wonderful story Phylisanne.

Been the balloon route, the rice in nylons route, etc, but nothing has compared to the silicone breastforms that I recently got! The shape and weight and fell of them in my bra is very similar to the feel and weight of my wife's real things. I just could not be happier!

more inspiration to buy silicone forms someday to make me feel more complete...SD

Oh yes after they are filled to the apropreate size tie a knot in the end just like you do when filled with air.

Hello people all my life I have wanted to be a women and have my own breasts just like most of you. I have tried every thing from putting milk in twist tie bags and inserting them in the bra, I have used socks, but now I use baloons I put one inside the other then put then over the bathroom tap and fill them with water. I measure them to see how big around they are, I make them 13.5 inches around makes me a G size cup. I use hellium quality baloons 9" in case anyone wants to try them, they last 3 to 4 weeks then I sugest replacing them for the water rots the rubberand they burst. I have found out the hard way.

I feel the 9" balloons are the best. They warm to body temp. They jiggle like real ones and they are cheap! Just turn the knot end towards the front and it looks like a raised nipple thru the bra. I have had a breast form pop open and all that gel makes a mess. Too expensive to have to replace.
Side note: I had a guy squeeze my breast once and the balloon popped water squirted everywhere. He screamed like a girl in fright! LOL He thought they were real.

I was drinking one night and slept with my water balloons in. needless to say that didn't end well by morning

I did balloons and water a while myself til I saved for my forms

if u are a man you should be great about it