Can't Wait

I've only recently begun to crossdress but I love it. I have several pair of panties and stockings and even a bra of my own but I'm using hose stuffed with rice to fill it out. It's not bad but I wish that they felt more real. I can't wait to get something that looks right and jiggles properly when I move about.

Truth be told, I wish I had real breasts, but a good set of forms would be a good second place.
Rosso70 Rosso70
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Try the place below and they are great, they jiggle when I walk and feel wonderful. is where I got mine at and they are real life like, weighted and you can by a skin adhesive here, It only keeps them from moving around and is easily removed with water.

A good set of forms are definitely worth it and you will gets of pleasure from them

I agree Rosso breasts are great. I have found alot of different way to make your own breasts on U-Tube and used some tape and a tight bra to achieve some clevage. Check out my pics and you can see.
Lov Shanna xxx

I will. Thanks

I found an inexpensive pair of breast forms on E-bay, and they were worth the money.