So last night I told my wife about my little secret that I've been hiding. She knows and accepts that I wear panties from Lane Bryant. We have been separated for last year due to a job transfer that I took. I told her that I remained faithful to her, but I had something that I wanted to share. I told her that I purchased a pair of large breast forms to wear with my bras from Lane Bryant (cooling bra). I have kids and I only wear this stuff at work because I work alone after 5pm. To my surprise she was very accepting about my new wearable toys. Kind of turned her on too. I also exposed to her my Bladder Vee String (prosthetic vagina). She thought it was the coolest thing. Before I was so nervous, but now that she knows, its like a huge breast has been lifted!
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26-30, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2014

How wonderful for you!!