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Hi, Rachel Here, I am a lactating Transexual, I get so horny when I do manual nipple and breast stimulation ( 4 or 5 times a day) or use my Gorgeous breast pump which gives intensely thrilling waves of pleasure through my breasts. I got into lactation because as a TS I wanted real breasts, I took a course of natural hormones which worked superbly to give me the real round natural curvy C cup breasts and big nipples you see in my photo within approx 2 years, the oestrogen also gave breast tissue and milk ducts which when stimulated give awesome feelings of fullness and an overwhelming  desire to be suckled., With breasts I also feel like the woman I ahave become and get really turned on when I meet men and women who I catch taking a stare at my breasts. Lactating is a natural progression and with hormones, my trusty breast pump and hours of beautifully thrilling stimulation and nipple play I am showing signs of lactation, with the milk ducts opening and leaking tiny dropets of milk. I now need a careful and appreciative ANR partner to suckle me and establish a regular flow. Rachel xxx

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First, congratulations on your beautiful transition! I was wanting to ask what kind of pump you are using. I am interested in finding a pump that is especially adept at stimulating pleasure for women. I'd welcome your suggestion (also please feel free to message me privately). Thank you so much!