I Can't Get Enough...

Maybe it goes back to high school dating experiences, but nothing turns me on more than having my breasts fondled when I'm making out with a guy. I love it when we're kissing and a guy puts his hand up underneath my shirt, first rubbing my breasts through my bra, then reaching inside to feel my nipples and pull my breasts out of my bra. By this time, he's usually (hopefully! :)) very hard, and I love to jack a guy off while he's fondling my big breasts...
bustygaldd bustygaldd
31-35, F
5 Responses Aug 2, 2010

well it just as fun fondling a woman breast with my mouth and tongue... ;-)

i second that motion! sometimes all i want is too just have a "heavy petting make-out session". anytime you get the urge just lemme know! I'm here for you!

It's just not a deep sensual kiss without the breasts being rubbed and squeezed. Must have breast contact to "move on" from making out ;-)

Very erotic short story. Nice and arousing.

Nipple & clitoral stimulation are most important to my wife; moreso than a hard **** in her ****.