Fondle My Breasts Please

no one really knows the real me. Many say I look very serious and not the type who would be naughty or sexually active. I guess the wild side of me is totally absence from the way I carry myself. But I Di feel shy and find it hard to socialize in real world. I end up online and have my meet ups arranged after all the discreet phone calls and messages. It still a disaster cos men mostly think I'm too formal and shy. Very few men who have the guts to 'try' me out; initiate the moves. And that are the few ones who can see the real me who really crave for sex and intimacy. Being a shy person, Its difficult to tell my partner what I like best. I get frustrated i find my man does not fondle my breasts thru out our session. I get super excited if my breasts fondled, sucked and licked. The fact that I feel horny almost every day really make me feel miserable, longing for touches and kisses 24/7. Dreaming of big, thick and long **** every night. I feel bad and I don know if I'm 'normal'. I don know if there are women who are as horny as I am. I just cant get enough of sex and romance that comes with it. My breasts..need good hands....fondle my boobs....I'm loving it...
Ladylust Ladylust
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Hi Ladylust. I don't know if you're "normal" (what does that mean anyway? ;) ), but I can assure you you're not alone.

Sure, there are plenty of women out there whose attitude to their breasts is that they're only interested in their breasts being touched as part of sex and nothing else.

But on the flip side, I've certainly met enough women who feel the same way you do, to say that I don't think there is any "normal" in this. So there's a range of breast fondling appreciation levels among women. ;)

Likewise there's a range of breast appreciation levels among men. Yes, many men are as you describe, and they're only interested in blow jobs and "f***ing", but the good news for you is there are certainly men out there who appreciate a beautiful woman's breasts for the glory that they are. I for one LOVE breasts, and spend a lot of time fondling, massaging, and kissing my partner's breasts, even when we're not making love (and thankfully, she, like you, appreciates it). Eg. maybe we're lying in bed watching a movie and we'll try to position ourselves with my arm around her and down her front fondling one of her breasts while we watch. It's wonderful!

So there's hope for you. ;)

I see you wrote this two years ago so I may not even get a reply now, but how's it all been going since then? Have you met anyone who appreciates your breasts for the glory that they are? Have you met anyone who can satisfy your desire for touch and sex in general enough?

Dave. :)

Guide his hands to your breasts while kissing....sigh with pleasure as he fondles you...he will figure it out. Stick those groaning ******* out as he brushes against them....get what you need girlfriend. You and he will be glad that you did. :-)

If only more woman would take your straight forward advice! ;)

Ladylust, <br />
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I'm sure the desire you feel is in your eyes. Every woman gives away their true desires if you carefully look into their eyes. The right man will see the fire in your soul and extract it for both your and his pleasure. It may be your day-to-day persona attracts gentlemen who, god help them, are most likely either to shy themselves or afraid they will up set your "equilibrium" to push the envelop. <br />
<br />
You will have to take the ball(s) literally. He will be shocked. He will be befuddled. But, if you lead, he will follow. Small things make all the difference. No words. If he happens to kiss your nipple, pull his head into your chest. If he caresses you're breast, gentle moan with pleasure. All men are trainable. Like dogs, slight positive reenforcement will make all the difference.<br />
<br />
Then of course, if the shy stately woman, the librarian of the social circuit in all her reserved finery, fresh from her civic club duties were to drop to her knees and masterfully bring her man to climax, she will own him. <br />
<br />
Never diminish your desires. Your are as normal as the sunrise so keep your happy dreams tonight.