34D-a Whole Lotta Woman.

I get my boobs from my Mum.

Guys seem to love them-which amazes me. They aren't too big or too small either-just right.

When I look in the mirror I am amazed at the lack of areolae that my breasts have-and my nipples are an ultimate source of pleasure. My boyfriend likes to ''grape-pick'' them before we make love,and also when he brushes his hands over them I shudder with sheer pleasure. Breasts are a wonderful thing to be ''hold'',and I am chuffed with my pert pair :)

orangeblossom89 orangeblossom89
18-21, F
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I can not blame people for liking them . I sure would

They sound perfectly seductive.

Pert 34Ds...teasingly delicious. Something tells me you're nipples are rock solid too. If they are...braless baby!

your meassure indicates a nice thin fr<x>ame with a lot of nice volume there.... wow that must be a sight..<br />
<br />
<br />
kiss<br />

Your boyfriend is a very lucky man!

Your boyfriend is a very lucky man!

can i see them sweetie??..it would be a wonder to experience,..and a waste not to?...wouldnt it?,... <br />
marvindamartian80@yahoo.com MTM .

I'm with the specialist on this. I used to be a certified breast examiner, but have not had much first hand experience recently . But I would like to see them up close and personal.

Very nice.

I'd love to see them close up and then, well you know what men want to do to them!!!!<br />

i just love em. Love to suck bite lick grope grip and even **** breasts, and *** on them, i just love em.