All 3 Of Them

I have 3 older brothers. My brother Daniel who is 9 years older than I. I worked with him for 3 years at a boy scout camp. We are very close through that. Not that we were not close to begin with. Before he left for two years to serve in Ecuador he was a student teacher of my 6th grade class. We spent every day together and when he could he'd play games with me and my friends during recess when he really didn't have to. It was very sweet of him and he was always looking out for me like a good older brother should. He knew everything that was going and though it might seem annoying at times it was good to have my brother as my friend.

Then I have my brother Jason who is 7years older than I. Now with Jason, I need to explain that because of my sexual orientation, I am considered the"black sheep". My other two brothers are very religious and so is Jason but he is not so devoted like the rest of our family. And because of this, we relate to each other much more. We like a lot more of the same things. For an example, my two other brothers wouldn't ever watch the Katy Perry movie. But my brother did, not that he loves her but what came to my surprise, he loves the movie! So I guess we are close in the sense of our likes and dislikes. Both him and I are the funny ones I guess. Always making everyone laugh. He is my friend And I love him.

Finally, Aaron, who is 5 years older than I. Now, Aaron is a very straight, black and white, no gray area kind of guy. He is very strict about morals and values. Some find him intimidating and overwhelming because of this. But he truly is a charming guy. The funniest thing about us is that we have very different views and he will tell me without hesitation that he does not agree with my opinions and life. But at the very same time I tell him the most about my life more than anyone else. We shared a room growing up. He has always known me more than anyone else. Oddly, he is the one is turn to for advice even when I didn't want it. He will always be my best friend.

My brothers and I always played together, hardly ever fought. I love them dearly and I am so very lucky to have them as family and friends.
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Jan 6, 2013