My Best Friend

Parched from our 5 mile walk, my brother and i decided to stop somewhere to get a drink of water. As we were sitting there enjoying the breeze he turns to me and starts giving me some advice on how to be more healthy. Although Im not big, my poor body image has gotten the most of me. He started telling me about how he lost an abundant amount of weight and got fit, but the first thing that popped into my head was, why is he telling me this? Is he trying to suggest something? Then i began to get jealous, jealous of the fact that he was able to set a goal and achieve it, how he had the determination to get healthy, and how he was just so committed to something. Being the selfish person that i am , and always thinking of myself, i snapped. I started yelling at him, telling him how i don't need his dumb advice, that i was once super skinny, and how he shouldn't feel as though that was a great success. And out of no where i lifted up my arm and punched his shoulder, punched it with such force, and anger, that a passing car honked its horn at me. At this time, my brother was furious cussing at me for my rotten behavior. But as soon as that one car passed by, i realized something, i realized my stupidity, I felt disgusted with myself. My dear brother, the person whose raised me when my father was not around, my confidant, was trying to HELP me not HURT me. I started to cry, i felt regret, shame, and gilt for my behavior. But as i looked back on the situation, i came to realize i haven't been the greatest sister, in fact ive been a terrible one. Rather then praising him when he had succeeded, or hugging him in times on need, i, the greedy one, would never pay attention to him, in fact i would mentally and emotionally abuse him. How i hate myself for letting him down all these years. I then turned to him and i said sorry, those simple words are so hard to say, because in actuality they can not erase many years worth of hurt. However, being the kind hearted soul that he is, my brother accepted my apology. He looked at me and said i understand you have bad body image, but here's what we can do to make you feel better. And he went on giving me the helpful hints on how to feel better about myself. To write down all the things i like about me and so on. Today i finally realized that i have the best brother in the world, he is my best friend, my angel , and my life! - Al i just want to let you know that i love you so much, you have inspired me, and taught me so much, i aspire to be like you and follow in your foot steps, you are one amazing guy!
Dollface12 Dollface12
18-21, F
Aug 8, 2010