My Brothers Friends And I ******

My brother had three friends over, but he ditched them for this girl down the street, he got lucky with her that night. I was 13 but i had developed quickly, I had the boobs and i often got mistaken for a 15 or 16 year old. my brother had a 13 year old friend, a 15 and a 14, cody, charlie and zach. i had just gotten into the shower. Cody walked in on me, and said hey. I had watched **** before, and I fingered myself alot, and had orgys from vibrators i found in my mums closet. he was hot and had often hit on me, but it was weird him staring at me in the shower, so naturally i turned away. Nice *** babe! He had said to me, 30 secounds or so later he had ******** down to his birthday suit and i turned to see his naked body outside the shower door. can i come in? he'd asked. i didn't know what to say, so i just nodded. we were kind of friends anyway, i was feeling horny anyway, so i let him in and i expected to kiss but he straight away bent down and started looking at my *****. then he told me i could feel his **** so i rubbed it. Then he wanted to put his **** in my ***** but i freaked out and ran and got my towel, and ran to my room. i think they were playing truth or dare or something, cause i was in my room in my bra and undies, it was 6:00 or something, and charlie walked in, naked. i could hear laughing in the background, then he sat on my bed and started tickiling his hands around my *****, never touching it, but around it. Then he asked if i wanted to touch his ****, and i agreed, he had a different approach to cody, he was letting me decide what i wanted to do. we had sex, he inserted his **** into my vagina, and then we did anal, and i moaned and tried to sound sexy but i bet i just sounded weird. my parents were downstairs the whole time and didn't know about any of this, and i wanted it that way. it hurt, but it was a good feeling. i had sex when i was 13, and somehow it got round my school, and i was known as a *****, and if the teachers heard, i think they thought it was a rumour cause it didn't get round to my parents. Some of the girls liked me better cause i did it, most hated me. so i went through highschool a *****, and all these guys came up to me asking to get ******.
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I visited your profile because of our story in someone else's Experience where you said you and a group of friends did a ménage a trois with an old guy. So now I find this story too. You're either a hardcore sex fiend or an old man pretending to be a young woman just to see peoples' responses. I think most people dismiss your stories as BS as I am but I just wanted you to know you didn't fool me.


Yeah,all these walking in on me when i was in the shower stories. News flash-Bathrooms have locks! if you don't want to use them that's fine but that's cuz you don't care if someone sees you in the shower or you want them to see you. or you just didn't want your brother's friends to be inconvenienced if they had the sudden urge to take a sh---t?

My bathroom doesn't have a lock

Did you leave the door open for he could see u showering or he opened did u get pregnant because u never said u used a condom

Thats a sexy story ;)

Your a ****!

Erm.. Yur some ****** slagg