My Awesome Bro :)

I have the best bro in the world, in my perspective. Even though we didn't grow up in the same house-hold until I moved here when I was 6 (I lived with my grandparents while my bro lives with my dad), my brother was my best friend. He never really gets mad at anyone. He's pretty lenient, kind, helpful, respectful. Just pretty much all those good traits, lots that I lack, unfortunately. If I ask him to do something for me, he rarely questions it and does it. I've never heard from anyone that they dislike my brother. Everyone likes him and thinks that he's a great person. I don't tell him everything of course, but being with my brother was like being a little kid again. All those stupid worldly grown up stuff don't seem to exist in that time. Even now, we could talk all day about the most stupidest stuff and we could laugh all day. Haha, my parents even said that it's like we haven't seen each other in years. We talk too much.

When we were kids, we would play together and it would be so much fun. He would give me piggy back rides and we would never fight. I suppose most of the time he would let me win...or maybe I was more forceful. Out of my immediate family, I would say that I like my older brother better than my parents. He isn't there for me obviously because we have our own things to do. He has his friends and his seriously bro, you don't need to carry it around everywhere. Kids these day...I'm disappointed..but that's not my point. I just like my brother, or I suppose I should say love.

My bro isn't that good in school and sometimes I wonder where he'll end up in life. I hope that because of his nature, he won't end up having people manipulate him. I'm pretty sure my mom likes my bro better than I do cuz he listens and does what they want. As oppose to me, I question almost everything that people do. It's in my nature, I just question everything. I argue, because I have my point of view on things and what's right/wrong. I guess parents just hate to admit that they're wrong and just want absolute obedience. That's where my bro comes in. He does what they want. I don't envy my brother. I think he deserves to be loved more than me. I wouldn't mind being the child who my parents are disappointed in. I want my brother to succeed and do well in life. I know that I don't need approval from anyone or my parents to succeed in life because honestly, I follow my own path and some sacrifices along the way isn't going to kill me. He needs more encouragement than me.

It's too bad that growing up means that we've somewhat grown apart. I wish it could be the same as when we were kids. I don't know. My bro swears too much though...which is a downside. I'm disappointed. Well, I do too so, haha. We do a lot of things that almost mirror each other. Same eating pose apparently, we look like twins...though he's 2 years older, we're athletic, and people tend to like us...haha. I'm just smarter but he's nicer. But in the end, he's still my brother. I love him and I'm glad that he's my bro. I'm pretty lucky. Every friend that I've told about my bro wishes they have a bro like mine. Haha, I'm not surprised. My bro's just that awesome.

I don't think I could ever tell him that. It's not within me to be affectionate. Hopefully he'll just know it. Maybe one day I could say it.
Obsidiann Obsidiann
May 20, 2012