I Love My Little Brother

My little brother is 11 years old younger than me. I was shocked to see him, a little creature lying beside my dearest mother. It was very difficult for me to adjust with my little brother. I, who was the only child of the family, and who was always pampered by everybody now had a competitor. I was in my early teens, lots of hormonal changes going on, and I couldn't decide whether to love my brother or think of him as a rebel. I think I mixed them both. On one hand, I loved him dearly and on the other I couldn't stand when everybody just seemed to care about him.
When he was two years of age, he split all the milk from his bottle in my mattress and it smelt of lactogen powder which I hated the most. That day, I had decided not to love him but things changed when we grew up. I don't know why I endured everything he did. I began to love him even though he sometimes tore my assignment papers and broke my pens..... I had a great sense of responsibility towards him and I still have. When both of my parents had to go abroad for official works, I took care of my brother. I always brought him chocolates and sweets after returning from school so that he wouldn't miss mom and dad. In one hand I pampered him a lot, and on the other hand I also talked very rudely with him when he did something wrong. It was so much fun to see him grow up. I loved the way he ate biscuits with his two little teeth when he was small. He was so cute. And I enjoyed songs he used to sing with his babbling voice. As I said above, I talked to him rudely at times but when others even my parents talked to him rudely, I used to hate it.

Now that he is totally dependent on me, I love him a lot more. He is a lot more like a friend than a responsibility. Yes he is annoying and nosy but thats what brothers are supposed to be, right? World may change into anything but I am very much sure that my love for my little brother will never change. I just love him so much. :)
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Little brothers can be brats when they first come...but when they grow up they can be the sweetest creatures in the whole wide world. I was six when my youngest brother came along and I love him even more today. He made me a godmother 17 years ago and I honor him for that.


I'm 15 and an only child. If there was ONE wish I could have come true then it would be to have a younger brother...

me to, but in an entirely different way...today my baby bro is 13, I am 16, almost, and we are almost inseparateable ( oh yeah, good spelling, huh?) We share every thing and even sleep together most of the time.

very sweet..........take good care of him