My Brother's Kidney

When my brother was born he had hypospadious(sp?). This meant his urethra opening was in the wrong spot. So, they had to fix it somehow(I'm not 100% sure about details.) anyways, I was born 5 years later and he hasn't had any problems since. But the day after New Years(he's 21 now) he was peeing and his left side started to hurt so bad that he passed out. Luckily his girlfriend's mom is a nurse and they got him to the hospital. They told him it was most likely kidney stones and they sent him home with a strainer and pain medication. They wanted an X-ray of his kidney so they could see the size of the stones. In the x-ray, there were no stones, so he had a cat-scan done. We got the results today. We were surprised when the doctor said that he had no kidney stones and it was in good shape. The only problem was...His other kidney was missing. It turns out that he has only ever had one kidney, and no doctor has ever found it before. I found this really scary and weird. The doctor said it happened a lot in hypospadious cases and he was surprised the doctors didn't check for it when he was born. He is very lucky that he never tried any alcohol and doesn't like soda very much.
KenzHCS16 KenzHCS16
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013