Breaking Point

He told me countless time how he was bullied by his schoolmates and the boarders. He was always enraged. This time, he broke down as he recounted how our father merely told him to ignore them and that they said they were doing the things they are doing because my brother doesn't talk to them.

My heart just broke down to many pieces and I just started crying. Some time had to pass before I could face people. I could imagine how puff my face could be.

Our own relatives bullied my brother and when my brother complained to my father, he told my brother off. Effectively saying all these is his fault.

My brother did nothing wrong. If introvertness is a sin, then let us be punished. We brought up in such a way that we are not comfortable with people. Our relatives took this personally and started calling my brother names. We, the rest of the siblings, weren't here so my brother had to endure it all by himself. My father said ignore it. My mother said ignore it.

But they started sitting in front of the house and calling "Dumbo!" while facing our house. They'd climb trees in front of his room's window and call him out. Then, they'd start laughing. They'd sometimes joke that someone should just hit my brother in the head. Every time he passes, they'd make noises. My brother had to endure all of this by himself. And I hate myself for having something like that happen. I wasn't here to protect him and I hate myself for that.

How could have my parents let this be. My father... he clearly was on their side. My mother... she was oblivious.

They bullied my brother and no one listened to him. They merely dismiss him. Now, my brother is traumatized.

I have been bullied myself and it is not easy. For other people, it may be nothing. But let me tell you, all those cat calls, name-calling, "joking" threats, and many others, as a whole will take a toll on your morale. It can easily depress a person. Here you are, all alone, and there they are, in a group, laughing at you.

I will never understand how my parents allowed this to happen, under their full knowledge. How can they be so cruel to my brother. How can they take THEIR side.

They will never understand us.

mareliberum mareliberum
Jan 24, 2013