He's Kind of My Hero

I would never tell him this.  My brother and I aren't the type of siblings who express emotion or appreciation to each other, but I'm not afraid to admit it here.  My older brother is kind of my hero.  Whenever I talk about him with my parents or friends I sometimes say, "Travis knows everything." or "Travis is never wrong."  And I'm not just idolizing him.  I love him and look up to him, but definitely do not idolize him.  He can be an annoying pain in the *** sometimes.  But he is seriously almost always right about everything.  He's not just intelligent either.  Sometimes I think my brother is very wise.  Every time he gives me advice I am sure to follow it.

I also love my brother because I have more in common with him than anyone else in my family.  We are both geeks, and I don't feel stupid talking to him about marvel comic books because he actually knows what I'm talking about.  I probably know only one other person in real life who knows anything about the marvel world that they haven't gotten off marvel movies.  

So thats it.  I love my brother.  He is my hero. 

SerenaDragonfly SerenaDragonfly
22-25, F
Feb 28, 2009