MY Hero

I'm adopted and have 6 older brothers, only one of them is my biological brother. Nathan. I would probably deny it if it got out, He's my hero. When we were kids (of course i still am technically) like 3 and 6 my biological father abused us real bad, his favorite ashtray was my arm, anyway Nate told his teacher, he was scared because our *** of a father treatened that if either if us ever told that we'd never see the other one again, but he told anyway. That was the first time he saved me. The secomd time i was dating this guy, and i went through a phase where i dated some rather sketchy guys, mainly to annoy my brothers who are all uberly over protective. Anyway this guy and i were at a party, not some kegger or anything mind you just a regular high school party. Anyway he and i were makeing out, which i wasn't really okay with seeing as i was 15, he kept touching me weirdly and i told him to stop, and this guy had issues with the word "no" so he slapped me, like right across the face and i told him that was it we were done and tried to walk away, but the guy grabbed my arm and I yelled. Luckily, well for me not so much for him, Nate, who was a senior and also at the party, heard me yell and automatically went into big brother mode and punched the guy in the face, the dude probably had like a broken nose. That was the second time he saved me.


abbynormal23 abbynormal23
Mar 5, 2009