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Buzz It, Bleach It..shave It Off..

Thought to let my hair grow a bit...but it is MAY and ninety degrees.
I'm bleaching what little hair I have left back to platinum, and then getting it buzzed short, close and OFF MY NECK!
So excited...I'm also going to get very tan. It will look better with my blue eyes and blonde buzz cut.
I find the shorter I shave my pretty hair, the more feminine and lovely I feel- I must get my nails done, extra attention to make up and showing off my gorgeous body.
Its going to be a great summer.
Lisabackstage Lisabackstage 31-35, F 13 Responses May 26, 2012

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grate, you definitely look grate. hope you kept it that way or went shorter even shaved

Great story you sound exciting

That sounds like a great look. I love it when women are bald or have very little hair. I'd like to see it. Short hair is so much more comfortable.

Where did you get it done Home/selfcut, stylist or barber shop?

sounds great wish I could see it.<br />
Is it as short as mine?

Did you feel a sense of empowerment as you ran the clippers over his head? I'll bet the sex was great afterwards.

My husband let me clip his hair down shortly after I had my cut. I enjoyed cutting it off. The clippers work so amazingly fast! It was my first time using the clippers! He had very thick hair and the chunks just come right off! No hesitation at all ! My haircut took alot longer because it was cut with shears first and was much longer.

Nice, I am sure it looks great!

How short is it? In my opinion it's not possible for it to be too short. Even slick bald is not too short.

1/4 inch stubble. I look like a boy! it is sooo shaved!

My ladie's is about one eight of an inch and I can't keep my hands off it!!! I'm sure you don't look anything like a boy. Rub it for me. I wish I could run my hands over your beautiful head.

Did you color and buzz it or just bleach it?

buzzed and then bleached. it is soo short.

Umm! I can smell the bleach now. Leave it on ntil your tiny hairs are burnt and are stiff like straw and your head shines underneath.

oh my god-
It looks fantastic!
hurts like hell, but looks great!

I can imagines how hot you look. My
wife just got through washing out the bleach on her week old #1 buzz.
She's getting ready to go out for lunch. Can't wait to see what comments she gets.

I am sooo ready for that.<br />
The bleach is burning my scalp right now.

Wow!!! Post a pic. My wife got a #1 buzz on top with the sides and back shaved last Saturday. She bleached it white and wears blue contacts. It's definitely a hot look. We talked about shaving her bald last night but decided to wait a while. Her dark tan looks great with her blonde peach fuzz.