It's an 86 pontiac trans am, when I got the car it had a fair amount of rot so I cut out all the rot and welded in new panels, fixed all the dents and primed the car, then the transmission started slipping so I replaced it with a beefed up 700r4, redid all the brakes, replaced the cooling system, gave the motor a complete tune up, and redid the interior. I'm in the process of buying a 350sbc to do a vortec lt4 hot cam build. Then I'll have to have a custom prom burned since I'm keeping the tuned port injection system as well as all the other supporting mods when upgrading from a 305 to 350. After that it's getting subframe connectors, shocks and springs, and then possibly a bigger rear end if i can stay in my budget. I wish this site let you upload more pics, I have tons
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After you look up, you've dumped $20K into the car!?!?😁 No worries, I did the same with a 68 Mustang!

Hah I saved up a good amount of money to put into the car so I'm not too concerned as of right now, nothing burns through your wallet faster than a classic car lol

I have a grand dam

That's cool