She climbs up the walls and she does not do her buisness where she is supposed to. She is the cutest and a wonderfully natured cat but she craves attention and will almost roar when she is being ignored. also now she has started to chew on Cords and now she has to stay in my room because she poops on the floor but we love her too much to have her euthanised. she only uses the tray when there is newspaper in it and we can not put that in all of the trays because our other cat sox only likes cat litter.

she is now spayed and older but she still tackles our other cat which drives everyone up the wall but the family knows this is all play.

she has taken to the habbit of scratching on the door if it is closed when i am in my bedroom and that is very annoying when it is early in the morning.

Mafrici Mafrici
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1 Response May 28, 2008

Oh I am pleased to see I am not the only one with an annoying cat ...<br />
I love mine too but she is very demanding. The dog will wait patiently for her food ..but not the cat .. she will jump up and insist on immediate attention.<br />
She also makes a huge racket if ignored.