A friend of mine told me about her hairdresser who was looking for a home for Ariel her oriental short hair x due to the male cat beating Ariel up. I got the number and called, Within 24 hours the cat was delivered to our house. She was very timid and scared of everyone at first. My father seems to think she was abused. Ariel has warmed up to my father and is warming up to my mother. Whenever she sees me or my sister she runs off into my parents room, She fights with our previous cat Ashley whenever they cross paths. The fighting is driving me mad. I used to keep Ashley in my room at night but my father is cracking it about me leaving Ashley in my room so keeping them separated isn't an option any more, Neither is giving any of the cats up.
Mafrici Mafrici
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2012