My Immature Mom

So i know that lying is bad and i lied to my mom but she is just acting like the world is going to fall apart.  I lied over a test grade and now she is pressuring me to get proof from my professor and its like im sure the professor has a lot of stuff to do.  and ugh she is just so immature, like she says i act immature but when she sends me txts saying things like this is the last time im going to talk to you and then keeps on txting me its like just stop.  im trying to fix things with her but she just keeps making things worse!!!!!! ugh **** my life, like i wish she wasn't such a ***** all of the time.  the only reason i don't do good in college is because she freaking stresses me out all of the damn time.  just give it up mom. im not perfect and neither are you!

NCAH9014 NCAH9014
18-21, F
Mar 2, 2009