UPDATED: This Stinks...

So... I boiled 2 eggs for breakfast, peeled one of them and set it aside in the bowl. as i was peeling the second one, Phirbal jumped up on the counter and stole the first one. he was so fast, that all i saw was an orange blurr.... and then he was gone.

PROBLEM: i can't find either of them now.

!!!!TRAGIC UPDATE!!!!:   February 28th. three days later,  it's two a.m. and Phirbal is running through the house like a madman, batting around what sounds like a marble on the hardwood floor. i flip on the lightswitch and track him down (he's a QUICK little cuss, don'tcha know) to see what exactly he's gotten hold of. much to my horror, it's... oh god....*GULP!* ...it's the EGG YOLK!! ..and it's hard as a freaking rock, with one teeny tiny cat nibble taken out of it. *sob*
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My pair don't steal eggs but all bets are off when it comes to the toilet roll. Sometimes I go into the bathroom and it's like mount kosiousko in there. loo paper shedded all over the place like it's snowing.

the boiled yolks roll really well when they're stale. Still feels like a loss, as either you OR him could have really enjoyed eating the darned thing. I empathize. My wee monster is so little she can only handle about half a raw yolk at a time - lovely to clean up after, I assure you.

If he hasnt eaten it,,give it a few days and it will be easy to find..

i just hope he definitely LIKES eggs... and that he will eat the damned thing in its entirety so that i don't find it later!


Phirbal or egg #1! Both, gone Johnsons.

You mean either of the eggs? Or the other egg and Phirball? Or the first egg and Phirball...?