My Best Friend

Since I was a very small child, cats have always been my favorite animal! I love all types of cats! Lions were my favorite big cat, due to the Disney movie "The Lion King", and the Tabby cat was my favorite breed of house cat.

My first pet cat was a big, white, fluff-ball named Puff. He was probably 13 years old when I was born, and was probably 15 or 16 when he died. I admit that I didn't really have too much time to spend with Puff, unlike my mom and brother who had raised him since he was a kitten. But I was still sad, because I just loved to hug on him and try my best to carry all 20 pounds of him around. Seriously, the cat was just as big as me!

A few months after Puff died, my mom decided that it was time to try to find a new pet. So going to the pet store that was just down the road we began to look. I don't really remember about which animals I looked at, or which ones I liked. All that I can remember, is a pair of ears that were about the size of radars, that were on top of a small kittens head. She was a Tabby cat, her fur comprising of black, white, and tan in color. And she was just at the age where it was okay for her to be taken from her mom and to be taken home as a pet.

The shop owner, however said, that the kitten was sick, and that they didn't know if she'd make it.

But this was the kitten that we wanted to take home with us. And taking her home is what we did.

We named her Tabby. She was going to be my cat!

A few weeks after we brought her home, she was 100% better and had no more signs of being sick.

Another few months after getting Tabby, my parents and I were out driving when we saw a sign that said: Free Kittens to Good Home!

We stopped to look and found that there was a small grey Tabby cat that we liked, and we decided to take him home to give Tabby a baby brother.

We ended up naming this kitten, Poohter (Pooh Bear for short).

After all of this I really don't remember much, but 17 years have passed since we got Tabby and Poohter. Tabby's still active and looks like she's still a young cat. Poohter, however, died in 2001 from Crohn's Disease.

I've grown up with Tabby and I've grown to call her my baby. I get sad from time to time when I'm reminded about how old she really is, and that even though she still acts and looks young, that she really isn't young and is nearly 18 years old. Even as I type this up right now, and watch her sleep on my bed, I tear up a little. It'll be a tough time for me when she dies, but hopefully, that won't be for another 10 years.
DoctorChurchie DoctorChurchie
22-25, F
Jul 23, 2011