I Love My Cat Misty.

Everytime she walks by me I have to pick her up and squeeze her tightly, even though she hates it. She has her own attitude. I come home from school and she is waiting at the door for me, She follows me everywhere a purrs for love. When I ignore her she meows at me until I do. She loves to talk, walk in a room and say "hi hun-bun!" and she will Murr at you as if to say "hey" aww, she is so cute! I love her so much! She is more then a pet to me, she is my baby! She loves to take long naps, have fresh cream & talk. hah, My life will never be the same without my hun-bun.<3
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your are Misty's guardian; take good care of her. i have 8 furballs and love them all.

Cute story